The Weng lab has a longstanding interest in molecular programs that reshape epigenetic landscape and gene expression profile to instruct cell state transition. The laboratory employs state-of-the-art genome engineering, next-generation sequencing, and bioinformatic approaches to explore the genome regulation in neurons and microglia in response to environmental and genetic risk factors relevant to neurological disorders.

We are looking for motivated and enthusiastic postdoc fellows, graduate students, and undergraduates to join our lab. If you are passionate about cell engineering, enjoy implement new and creative single-cell lineage tracing and sequencing techniques, and like performing computational and omics studies in a dynamic and collaborative environment, we would love to work with you!

Our lab is committed to the mentorship and long-term success of all lab members. Successful applicants will acquire a broad and flexible spectrum of skills depending on the individual’s research interests and career directions.

Openings for postdoctoral positions are available with the following requirements:

  • A recent Ph.D. in a biomedical science related field within the last 3 years,
  • Experience in vertebrate animal procedures,
  • Excellent writing and critical thinking, communication, and presentation skills,
  • Multitask and work collaboratively to make progress on time-sensitive projects as needed.

Graduate student positions

Graduate students from Weill Cornell PhD Program, Houston Campus as well as Texas A&M MD/PhD Program, Houston Campus are welcome to rotate and join our research group.

Positions for undergraduate students

We are seeking motivated undergraduate students with strong backgrounds in molecular biology, neurosciences, or programming skills to participate our research projects.

Interested applicants should directly e-mail Dr. Yi-Lan Weng at a single PDF file that includes their CV and names/contact information of three references.